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10% Increase in Average Selling Price of Smartphones

January 26, 2018 Technology

10% increased the average selling price of smartphones worldwide in 2017 according to a report by GfK. Based on data from 75 purchases, the average selling price of smartphones worldwide showed an increase of 10% and reached $363 (AED 1300). Now we have to see how much prices of smartphones will be increased in 2018.


In addition to the average price, a rise of 3% was also seen in global smartphone demand last year, which amounted to 1.46 billion devices, bringing total revenue of $479 billion.

smartphones sales 2016 2017 gfk

Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America showed the biggest demand with sales rising by 9% in 2017. More specifically, in 2016 a total of 78 million devices were sold in Central and Eastern Europe, and in 2017 85.2 million Appliances.

In Latin America, in 2017, 115.8 million units were sold, from 105.9 million in 2016. On the contrary, the largest decrease in sales came from developed Asia (South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand) with sales of 68.5 million units from 72.9 million a year earlier, a decrease of 6%.

In terms of sales value, the biggest increase was observed in Central and Eastern Europe, where sales generated revenue of $ 21.2 billion, up 26% compared to 2016. On the contrary, developed Asia saw the value of smartphone sales declines by 4% to $ 44.2 billion from $ 46.1 billion. in 2016.