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A Walk Down The Memory Lane Of Dubai

May 2, 2018 Useful Articles

Dubai, the most expensive of the modern tourist destinations, is the abode to rich and exclusive historical and archaeological masterpieces. Dubai, which had started off as a small fishing village, has in store immense number of sites which reflect the glamour and sumptuousness of the bygone era.

Enjoy the marvellous historical beauty of the place as you read on.

Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort

Dubai Museum is located within the magnificent Al Fahidi Fort built during 1787, but was restored later on.  The Fort had been constructed so as to safeguard the city from the invaders and intruders. Dubai Museum houses vast, yet diverse exhibits from the past, which proves the exquisite and marvellous history and heritage of this City. 

Since its renovation in 1971, the museum has been a prime attraction for archaeological and history lovers from across the globe. The galleries of the museum are true evidences of the ancient days with the life size exhibits of Creek, mosques, the customary houses of the Arabs, date farms as well as the marine and desert life.  One will also get to see marvellous portrays of pearl diving as well as various artefacts that were available from excavations.

Heritage & Diving Village

The Diving Village which is situated on the orifice of the Creek is a traditional village which showcases the craft works of weavers and potters. There are plans for transforming the Shindagha region in to a cultural hub, thereby paving way to recreate the olden days of Dubai.

Al Ahmadiya School

The oldest of the schools of Dubai, Al-Ahmadiya School was built in 1912 under the patronage of Ahmed Bin Dalmouk, a pearl merchant. During the initial days, this School offered education on Arabic, Islamic studies and Mathematics to just 200 boys. The boys used the mats of palm leaves as seats while Quran formed the focal point of education here.

With the coming up of schools during 1920s, this ancient school was closed for renovation and was reopened during 1930s. But in 1965, the school was closed officially. Since then, it has become a historical museum rendering public education.

Hatta Village

The Hatta Heritage Village, which is a fine exemplary for the fine history Dubai owns, was opened in February 2001. Located at a distance of 115 km from the city, amidst Hatta Mountains, the place is the storehouse to some beautiful historical examples.  Housing about 30 buildings, the place truly reflects the cultural heritage owned by this sheikhdom.

H.H. Sheikh Saeed House 

H.H. Sheikh Saeed House had been used by Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum as his official residence while he had been the Rule of Dubai between 1912 and 1958. The building which was constructed in 1896 is now the showcase of rare photographs, stamps, coins as well as many other documents which are part and parcel of teh City’s history.

Archaeological Sites

Along with an immensely rich history, Dubai has quite a few places which house marvellous archaeological artefacts.  Out of them, four places are major excavation sites. These are Al Sufooh, Al Qusais, Hatta and Jumeriah. While excavations conducted at Jumeriah have yielded artefacts as old as 7th century AD, Al Sufooh and Al Qusais have artefacts that are 200-plus years old. Special permission must be taken for entering these places.

Naif Museum

The present Naif Police Station, Naif Fort is famous for being the former Dubai Police headquarters. The Fort developed in an active, crowded area, houses a jail. The place underwent renovation in 1994, but the external structure of the original Naif Fort has been retained.

Visiting all these places will definitely fill your heart with nostalgic feelings, while reminding you that Dubai is not only a technologically advanced city and the costliest tourist destination, but also is the home to some of the most beautiful historical masterpieces of the world.