Buy Used Cars in UAE | 5 Key Points to Keep in Mind

November 7, 2018 Useful Articles

Owning a car in UAE is a must thing if you own a UAE driving license. If you are a resident, buying used cars in UAE is surely a good choice. Everyone loves to get hands on the brand new wheel, but there can be multiple reasons behind buying a used car or second hand car in UAE.

  • Some prefer to buy brand new car or vehicle regardless of budget, brand or model
  • Some people tend to buy a new car only if it’s in their budget
  • Some people prefer to buy second-hand car, if it’s less used or maintained properly and looks like new.
  • Some only prefer used cars because of many personal reasons

But, if you want to buy a second-hand car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere in UAE. There are many key points you need to keep in mind for buying a second hand (used) cars. The more points you put the dazzling the results would be. But obviously you have to keep in mind the price (if the car is really worth it), usage (mileage) and condition of the car.

Here are some important points that you don’t want to miss before buying a used car for sale in UAE.


1. Time to Choose the Brand / Model

Yes, first thing first!

You must choose the top 2 or 3 brands. Many people already know which brand or manufacturer they prefer, but if you are new in this car business, get someone who already own a car or a car expert. So list down the two or three brands, even different models of the same brand. This depends on your budget, maintenance costs, number of passengers, usage and other factors.

2. Search for a Reliable Car Dealer or Online Website

There are numerous car dealers out there in the market, you have to choose which from the best. Not only you can go and meet some experts, but you can arrange for experts online through websites as well. There are bundle of websites, which help you buying a better car, but obviously it costs you extra. You can find some good dealers like Al-Futtaim Automall, Al Tayer Motors, Car Switch etc.

For Online, you can find the websites like Dubizzle, GetThat, SellAnyCar, DubaiCarBuyer etc.

3. RTA Test & Checkup

Finally found a suitable used car, the next step is to ensure that the car is in the best working condition. A series of inspections and tests can be performed at an RTA-approved test center. These tests are to ensure the road safety of the vehicle without any legal disputes.

List of testing centres approved by RTA

4. Complete Vehicle Inspection

Ok, you completed the RTA Test and Checkup, the price of the car is set by the seller. Now you must take the car to Complete Vehicle checkup at a garage. It will show the quality and life of the engine, any fuel leakages it has or the electrical aspects of the car (including lights, AC, Navigation system, Car’s sensor if it has any, computer diagnostics and airbag check).

Body paint checkup and Chassis number verification is the most important thing. Accidental cars and paint damage can straight away reduce the car price by 15-25% in some cases.

5. Time to hit the Road

Finally you’ve complete your payment or transferred the amount. Re-registered the vehicle under your name, it is time to get the wheels on the road. Please make sure that you carry the vehicle registration card, license, insurance papers or any car related document especially the service history document with you all the time in car. It not only help you during security checks but also helps you to re-sell the vehicle if you want to switch to any other car. Service history document helps you to get fair price in time of reselling as you have a documented proof of all the car maintenance you’ve been doing.

Make sure to have safety and efficiency tests for your car on regular basis to keep the car running for long time.

Hit the road, wear seat belts and have a safe journey!