2019 Cheap Company Registration in Dubai for Starter / Off-Shore Company

April 3, 2019 Useful Articles

Have you finalized the decision of setting up a business in the UAE, especially in its famous economic hub – Dubai?
If your answer is ‘yes’, you have to start the foundation work very carefully as the law in relation to the UAE company registration is one of the strictest in the world.

Table of Contents

  1. Who Can Apply for Company Registration in UAE
  2. Important Factors for Company Registration in Dubai
  3. Restrictions for Company Setup in UAE


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Who Can Apply for Company Registration in UAE

If you are:

  • Starter and this business in Dubai is going to be your first venture or
  • if you are an off-shore company looking to establish a branch or a small number of businessmen with the goal of trading and manufacturing

A thorough understanding of the types of companies permitted and the legal regulations in terms of business or company registration in Dubai is very essential.

It is an integral part of the whole company registration in UAE or cheap company setup Dubai journey beginning with the cheap company formation in UAE to sustaining it and reaping best benefits out of your business in the future.

Important Factors for Company Registration in Dubai

  1. If you are a United Arab Emirates National, you can opt for any of the below business types and follow the proper steps for company registration Dubai:
    • Individual Sole Proprietorship business
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Joint Liability Company
    • Share Holding Company – both Private and Public
    • Civil business Company
  1. If you belong to any of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, you can set up any of the businesses as permitted for UAE nationals. But your activities in some of the areas related to old age home, HAJ, printing and publishing etc will be restricted.
    If any of the share holders is not a GCCC national, then a UAE national will need to have a shareholding of 51% of the total capital.
  2. If you are from any other country apart from those mentioned above, Dubai business registration rules are different. You will require appointing of local services agent or at least one UAE national as your representative, irrespective of whether it is an individual business, Limited Liability company, shareholding company or a civil business company.
    For any company with more than one founder, 51% of the shareholding of the total paid capital should belong to one of UAE nationals.
  3. Dubai offshore company registration regulations apply to those companies only, who have their presence in other countries and intends to do business in Dubai or any other emirates of the UAE.
    The types of business an offshore company can form include:
    • A branch, that will perform all the activities of that of the parent company while complying with the rules established by the Ministries of UAE.
    • Limited Liability Company or Public / Private share holding Company with one or more local persons, where 51% of the shareholding will be in the name of the UAE national partner.

Restrictions for Company Setup in UAE

UAE Government must be ensured, that by registering your company in Dubai or other cities, you commit to the cause of creating a favorable environment, which will be suited to the practice of all kinds of business activities taking into consideration to importance of consumer rights.

Therefore, your tasks spanning from the beginning of business registration will involve and not be limited to the following:

  • Different kinds of business to choose from and the activities that these businesses will perform. The minimum number of activities per license is restricted to ten.
  • Deciding how many numbers of the employees in the company would be UAE nationals and how many would be foreign nationals.
  • Deciding upon the correct name for the company
  • Acquiring premises for business and initial approval from the Planning Department of Dubai Municipality.
  • A great deal of paper work from choosing the correct legal form to document writing for each step of the Registration process.
  • Registering the company at the department of Registration, DED
  • Obtaining the trade license from the DED after filling in and submitting the appropriate documents along with the necessary fees.
  • Attaining Establishment card from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs
  • As per the economic regulations submitting an application for sign-board permit to the Department of Planning for the business’s registered trade name.
  • Making further amendments to the business registry when required
  • Recruitment of right candidates and registering locals with the Ministry of Labor
  • Renewal of license, which would require the proper form for registration, licensing application, copy of the previous license, letter from the Ministry of Economy for renewal, copy of lease contract of office premises, no-objection letter from the Department of Lands and Properties if the land had been granted by the Government.

If you are overwhelmed by the array of tasks to be performed, find the best business registration services in helping you with registration of company in Dubai and with all your requirements thereafter.