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Comexter Ltd. (Dubai )

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COMEXTER is a leading supplier of physical security and industrial kitchen equipments and services to the UAE market. It has supplied physical security and industrial equipments and services to the UAE’s premier companies, banks, hotels and catering providers. Nine years of product innovation has resulted in reliable, highly advanced products that are flexible enough to meet each customer’s individual requirements. 
COMEXTER offers a full suite of products and solutions for companies focused on physical security and alike. COMEXTER Advantages FIVE PILLARS WERE ALWAYS THE BASES OF OUR SUCCESS : 
1. Representing the most reputable European and American manufacturers. 
2. Offering the highest quality tested and approved products complying with International safety, hygiene, performance and quality Codes and Standards. 
3. Designing kitchens in total conformity with the imperatives of hygiene, safety and aesthetic. 
4. Maintaining a reliable after sale service offered by factory trained technicians and an adequate stock of spare parts. 
5. Updating our supplies with the most modern technologies. Experience: Serving the market since 1976 More than 50 success stories Powered by top qualified and skilled staff Vision: COMEXTER’s focus on our core business of physical security and industrial kitchen products allows our customers to concentrate on their core businesses. 
The COMEXTER Team: The People Behind the Technology Our success is a direct result of the hard work and capabilities of our employees. COMEXTER’s people offer a unique blend of automation experience, technical skills and industry experience. We are mechanical, electrical, electronics and software engineers, industrial designers and assembly technicians. Together, we have unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of our range of products and services.