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National Emirates For Cleaning & Pest Control

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A leading company in the field of combating insects of all kinds, such as crawling and flying cockroaches ants (white and normal), flies and lizards, and Barghash, lizards and Alarm which we fighting them in construction projects at the beginning of its inception and we are also all kinds of rodents such as mice and rats. All drugs used have no smell and does not need to vacate the place after a fight safe and sold by licensed pesticide companies in the state. We also give regular contracts and approved by the municipal department for restaurants and grocery stores, hotels, and other businesses.
We are also cleaning services for buildings old and new , such as villas, apartments, offices, boards and wedding halls and home gardens and private ships and boats.
The process of cleaning materials to be cleaned and sterilized and safe machines and by specializing in this area give the best result. We also clean the gardens of villas and guest houses by cleaning weeds from the dirt and outstanding suction dust accumulated as a result of dust -laden air .
Cleaning Services
Also we make building maintenance services such as electrical work and re- create the place to be in favor for housing or commercial use or any other . We also secured the cleaners inside the shops, malls , hospitals, offices, commercial and other , by contracting official for a specified period so that we believe the company or entity to be contracted cleaners who clean the building is complete , where we are responsible for it and believe in all the necessary materials for cleaning from us within the specified working hours by companies or sites to be contracted.