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Rose Garden L.L.C Dubai

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It is our pleasure to introduce our company as one of the leading landscaping companies In U.A.E. Rose Garden started from the year 1988 has a proven track for reputation in quality, service orientation and reliability.

Rose garden has continued to grow and diversify, handling internal and external landscaping, designing & execution, irrigation supply and installation & maintenance.

As we all know that adding plants to our offices and residential premises means adding life. The interiors look incomplete without a couple of life generating plants. Plants are therefore an essential part of our daily life. Theorists have proven records that the plant mechanism of letting out oxygen in exchange of carbon dioxide refreshes the air we live in and helps better our atmosphere in a place polluted with industrial culture.

The rich Arab culture also inculcates the tradition of having plants in commercial and residential properties needless to say about the European and American lifestyle for plants. Plants have an added beauty by having them in decorative pots to match and suit according to the surroundings.

We therefore bring plants combining the aesthetic requirement and the technical know-how and to satiate a good connoisseur’s choice. The plants freshly imported from Holland and fixed in the widest choice of planter boxes from clay (terracotta), metal planters (brass, bronze and aluminum) to Fiber glass planter boxes, the color of which can be chosen from a wide range of selections.

The pleasure of having the plants is continued when well maintained and allowed to grow luxuriantly. Therefore our skilled staff trained by experts attend to them regularly on contractual basis to ensure a luxuriant growth of the plants, thereby checking the light, water and nutrient requirements of the plants.