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Sharjah Institute of Heritage

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Established “Sharjah Institute of Heritage” by Amiri Decree No. (70 of 2014) issued by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, on Thursday, atheist tenth of the month of December 2014, provides for the enjoyment of the Institute personality legal and civil full directly necessary to achieve its objectives and legal actions. The “Sharjah Institute of Heritage” within the major institutional projects launched by His Highness, may God protect him, to be a cultural and scientific edifice contributes to the preparation of a cadre of Emirati and Arab researchers trained to preserve their cultural heritage, and to undertake to conduct field surveys for the inventory of cultural heritage, preservation and documented, and conduct research and studies using Research Methodology.

Headquarters of SIH (Sharjah Institute of Heritage):

Headquarters of the Institute of Sharjah Heritage is located in the city of Sharjah, and within the campus of the University City.


Aspiring “Sharjah Institute of Heritage” to be a specialized institution, nationally, regionally and internationally, in providing the cultural, educational and tourism field frameworks with the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective management of cultural heritage, preservation and maintenance, and to promote awareness of its importance; in order to pay generations promising to contribute to building human knowledge, and the development of cultural economy.


The letter:

“Sharjah Institute of Heritage” works through a package of practices, programs and activities, the inventory of cultural heritage elements of the intangible, conservation, preservation and transfer, as well as the protection of cultural and natural and maintenance of heritage operations, and are involved in the organization of a few projects, and practices of conservation, documentation, digital archiving, and education programs , training, scientific publishing, consulting, human and technical support, and honoring human living treasures, at the local, national and regional level, and enhance international cooperation through partnership with individuals, institutions and organizations concerned with the cultural heritage.


  1. The practice of scientific thinking.
  2. Support for pluralism, dialogue and tolerance.
  3. Commitment to professional ethics.


The overall objective:

Supplement the educational field of academic and scientific knowledge of theoretical and applied, and a range of cognitive skills needed; to graduate researchers are able to understand and absorb the material cultural and intangible heritage sections, and management of projects.



  1. To identify the species of cultural heritage; and types; and Banazare; and Boqsama; and Bmajalath.
  2. Practical procedures and techniques used in the various sections of the cultural heritage description.
  3. Proficiency in the practice of systematic and disciplined field work in the field of cultural heritage.
  4. Identify international experiences in the field of cultural heritage collection, preservation and safeguarding.
  5. Identify the network of interconnected relationships between the various branches of cultural heritage, both material and non-material.
  6. Improve the capacity and performance in the practice of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage elements of projects.
  7. Academic qualification for passing the master’s and doctoral phases in the field of cultural heritage and themes.


Academic Administration

Inot academic administration policy-building and management of a package of strategic operations at the Sharjah Institute of Heritage, including: the formulation of plans and programs, and management of educational and training processes, and supervision of the scientific content: scientific conferences; intellectual seminars; publications of academic nature.

(Translated from Arabic Text)


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