Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Set up initially in 1988, Ajman Free Zone received autonomy with the formation of Ajman Free Zone Authority in 1996. This has resulted in a steep growth of the zone, with more than 5000 companies operating in the free zone.

AFZA offers different types of license. Trading license can be taken for one, two or three products or general trading. Apart from this industrial as well as professional service licenses are also provided. National industrial license is also possible where at least 40% manufacturing happens in free zone.

AFZA is committed to develop the economy through modern facilities and well qualified staff to attract, maintain and empower investors in a profitable manner improving the investor loyalty.

Located very close to Dubai and Sharjah, it has a good location advantage and proximity to two international airports. Ajman port handles more than 1000 vessels per year and has emerged as a very important port in the region. A massive development project of the port is under way.   It also has a very good road network and connectivity with many Middle Eastern countries.

AFZA has the following departments dedicated to meet te ever changing demands of the customer base. These are Finance and Administration, Strategic planning and development, Marketing, Media and PR , Facilities and fixed assets, Organizational Service support and Investor relations.


Advantages of Ajman Free Zone:

AFZA offers very good financial incentives to the investors. Some of them are 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no corporate or income tax, no hidden charges or costs and no red tape. AFZA offers complete exemption form any import or export duty.

The wage structure is the most economical and AFZA offers easy access to huge work force. Exceptionally low handling charges are levied and there are no service charges.

AFZA offers world class infrastructure at the lowest lease prices. The lease can be for 20 years and is extendable for another 20 years. AFZA offers very low tariffs.

Single window clearance is available for immigration, licensing and other governmental services. Business centre with excellent conference and meeting facilities, banking and postal services are readily available.

Electronic Office center is made available to entrepreneurs to quickly start the business with low set up costs. Executive offices are available with phone and fax, internet and P.O. box. Excellent warehouses are available in flexible sizes, along with very good worker accommodation. Land is also leased with min. plot size of 2000 square meters.

Investors can set up any one of the four types of companies possible, Free Zone Entity, Fee Zone Company, Branch of a foreign company and branch of a local company.

The AFZA offers the latest technology and state of the art infrastructure, with a hassle free service and very high levels of availability and performance. The environment friendly policies ensure that the operational health, safety and environment are accorded equal priority.

With the continued growth trends, world business community has developed a familiarity and confidence in AFZA. The constant focus on excellence and sustainability are the key lessons learnt.