Dubai Flower Center (DFC)

Located within the Dubai International Airport and managed by award winning logistics operations, the Dubai Cargo Village, Dubai Flower Center is strategically located. Developed by some of the renowned professionals in the perishables logistics business, the operational processes within the facility reflect their decades of experience working with the floriculture and perishables trade in Europe and Africa.

The Dubai Flower Centre is the latest hub of growth for the floriculture industry in the modern era. It caters to the ever increasing growth of the global trade of flowers and perishables.  The center reflects the realization that there is an increasing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions to meet the needs of the floriculture and perishable goods industry. The DFC aims to reduce transit times while preserving the quality of the goods. 

To meet these opportunities and help the investors solve their logistics problems , the DFC is committed to provide increased capacity and connections to and from major global trading points. This will ensure quick service of the markets and improving the end user experience. 

DFC offers rapid consolidation and trans-shipment services, to ensure that no time is wasted, waiting for the logistic support, before the perishable cargo leaves the airport. 

DFC has installed the world’s best cool chain management systems to cater to the specific needs of the investors. This allows flexible and the most desirable temperature and storage environment controls.

DFC has realized that some of the products go through a value addition and it is a potential pitfall as the costs for the same can greatly impact the profit margins. DFC also provides the necessary facilities and support services to enable efficient financial transactions.

The DFC will operate as a Free Zone, offering an offshore environment, where international traders, logistics companies and service providers can easily establish operations.

Advantages of Dubai Flower Center:

Everyone involved in the value chain of the floriculture and transportation industry of perishables will be benefited. DFC has brought some of the markets with in the reach of a few companies, as the buyers and sellers. Dubai is a great place from the logistics perspective. DFC has opened up a whole new market of floriculture from Africa to the Middle East and Far East.

The faster logistic support from DFC has enabled the local growers to target the hitherto inaccessible markets. For the growers, increased speeds and reduced costs mean a boon. This also benefits the customers in terms of reduced costs and increased speed.