Dubai International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai’s International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) has been created to develop unique cluster environment for media production companies, covering all parts of the value chain. The aim is to get all the global companies to interact and collaborate effectively.

IMPZ caters exclusively to firms doing Graphic art, Publishing and Packaging. IMPZ is an initiative of the Dubai government and is set up by TECOM Investments.

IMPZ will be the master developer and provide a dynamic and growing business environment. This will be achieved by building key facilities, developing the necessary infrastructure, and creating a unique free zone. The free zone will house industrial, commercial, residential and community service projects. The entire free zone is planned over 43 million square feet of land, in the heart of commercial district. 

In the process of realizing the vision to make Dubai a global media hum, IMPZ will provide a pro-business environment and deploy cutting edge technology solutions and tools. IMPZ will also create community infrastructure to support and foster the growth.

IMPZ plans to offer a wide range of benefits to the investors. Like other free zones in Dubai, investors will have 100% ownership, will be exempt from all corporate and personal taxes and will have tax exemptions for imports and machinery, equipment, raw materials and spares required. The existing government regulatory framework has been simplified to ensure maximum ease of operations.


Advantages of Dubai International Media Production Zone (IMPZ):

The strategic advantages of creating a cluster of similar businesses in physical proximity have been proven to be successful. Co-existing at a single location will enable backward and forward integration with consolidation of investment and reduced logistical challenges. For small and medium-sized businesses, this is a dream come true as the time and costs involved will be considerably reduced, due to the availability of many shared services.

The production cluster focuses on the printing and publishing industries will provide superior infrastructure for various activities, available as leasehold land and distinct units for printing, production and warehousing.

Each unit will be full-fledged production facility with provision for material handling for raw materials and finished goods. These thermally-insulated units will be available on an annual rental basis. Investors can also take multiple units and a combination of land and units.

IMPZ is located on the Emirates Road, very close to the Jebel Ali port and the recently announced Jebel Ali Airport City. This will considerably reduce challenges in imports, exports and logistics operations. The new airport is expected to handle about 120 million passengers annually along with 12 million tons of cargo.

IMPZ will develop and promote eco-friendly industrial environments, adopting the best practices from across the globe. Innovative processes will be used to recycle the waste and enable companies to utilize it as inputs. Renewable energy sources will be included in the site’s infrastructure to guarantee reliable and clean power.

IMPZ has planned several residential and commercial amenities including family apartments and low-cost accommodation for blue collar workers. This complements and completes the infrastructure.

Plots of land are available to investors who wish to build their own media production outlets. Pre-built production units are ready to use containing warehouses with offices and showrooms.