Dubai Studio City (DSC)

Dubai Studio City (DSC) has been established with a clear vision to facilitate the creation and development of an environment and world-class infrastructure to foster the growth of the television, film and music industries in the region. DSC lives up to its mission, to compel best-in-class audio visual media companies to establish in Dubai by providing world-class internationally bench-marked infrastructure, talent and services.

DSC has been set up to achieve accelerated growth of the broadcast, film, television and music production industries. DSC offers an ultra-modern facility where a seamless integration of all the components of production from content, post –production processing to broadcast are made available under one roof. 

With a vast area of 22 million sq.ft., it will include production, post-production, broadcast, equipment rental, freelancers, commercial offices, business centre and satellite facilities among others.

DSC will have comprehensive residential areas, with hotels, entertainment centre, film schools and training institutes. DSC offers a unique combination of world-class infrastructure and qualified professionals creates an excellent networking and growth environment. This makes the DSC arguably the best location for creative people to unleash their imagination.

Advantages of Dubai Studio City (DSC):

DSC has 14 sound stages with areas ranging from 15,000 sq. ft. till 50,000 sq. ft. These stages have an acoustic rating of NC25 and come along with a complete catwalk and rigging facility. The stages are provided with elephant doors for ease of moving equipment and sets with a clear height -12.5 -15 m. 

DSC has set up warehouse and workshop facilities in close proximity and has provided sufficient truck circulation and parking space. There is sufficient redundant power and cooling and two water tanks 4.5m and 3m deep. 

There is a well established support office building in a G+2 structure next to the stages. These offices have many support service facilities like Art department rooms, Hair and make-up room, Green rooms, Production offices, Store rooms, Star suites, Screening rooms, Rehearsal rooms, Editing Suites, Support offices for staff and separate crew locker and rest rooms. These facilities have access to stage and catwalk from all levels.

There are Boutique Studios, which are specialized studio offices, providing an ideal environment for independent production and broadcast companies. These are small independent office buildings, with independent studios, offices and services, clustered in a campus setting. Phase 1 has 18 studio-offices. 

Each Boutique Studio has its own address and a dedicated parking facility, with a chance to create and display personalized signage. These studios come with high end fiber optic connectivity, direct access to loading, high acoustic design with a rating of NC25 and a high ceiling. 

DSC has a well established residential complex with all the modern facilities and amenities. There is a plan to set up a Film/TV / Radio academy with a collaboration of universities, where the latest techniques and technologies will be taught. 

A village center is being set up with amphitheaters, restaurants, movie theaters, retails outlets, banquet hall and many other entertainment facilities to attract people of all ages.

All these advantages make the DSC the most preferred destination to all the TV and film companies.