Energy and Environment Park (ENPARK)

ENPARK, the Energy and Environment Park , has been established over 8 million square feet of office, research centre, residential, educational and leisure facilities located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has been developed as a Free Zone.
ENPARK has been set up as a dedicated facility for clean energy and environmental technology companies. These companies can function in a fully-integrated  business environment and a knowledge community, which facilitates various programs, services, partnerships and amenities to support their success.

Leveraging the location advantages of Dubai and the experienced community of sustainable development, ENPARK aims to offer a world class sustainable lifestyle and build a sustainable culture.

ENPARK focuses on sustainable development where the concept of needs and limits is practices. This is to maintain an acceptable standard of life while keeping the demands on the supporting ecosystems and resources with in its carrying capacity.

ENPARK encourages green building design with the aim to reduce energy in use, minimize external pollution & environmental damage, reduce embodied energy & resource depletion and minimize internal pollution & damage to health
ENPARK has been promoting renewable energy. This focused approach increases the diversity of energy supplies which will lead to then nurturing of diminishing fossil fuel resources over the long run. Shifting to alternate sources of energy in stead of fossil fuels will substantially reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants. 

ENPARK has realized that the growing demand for renewable energy in industrialized environments can achieve the economies of scale. This growth enables increased access by the developing world. One of the biggest barriers for market penetration is the cost of renewable energy technologies, which remains high. ENPARK facilitates the focused research and application to ensure that some forms of renewable energy are competitive.

ENPARK facilitates the necessary and sufficient conditions for promoting the deployment of renewable energy, creating appropriate economic, market and regulatory instruments. ENPARK also facilitates the diffusion and deployment of newly developed renewable energy technologies into markets. A key strategy for market acceleration is removing trade and investment barriers between countries with significant renewable resources.

Advantages of Energy and Environment Park (ENPARK):

ENPARK offers many free zone benefits, some of which are 100% tax exemption, 100% foreign ownership, no taxes for 50 years, no customs duty, full currency convertibility, no restrictions on capital, no trade barriers and quotas, easy registration, transparent regulatory framework, flexible labor laws, 24 hr visa processing and immigration services and quick and easy access to knowledge work force.

Excellent office space and commercial real estate will be available for all companies and organizations associated with the renewable energy industry. From large open floor areas to niche business center office space, ENPARK provides business friendly and flexible facilities to all types of companies.

ENPARK understand that shopping, dining, and entertainment outlets are essential to create and nurture a dynamic and vibrant community. Community residents can watch a movie or relax with a coffee in the town center.

ENPARK encourages companies to establish clean production lines through the development, assembly and distribution of products and goods to service ENPARK and greater Dubai. ENPARK is an ideal location for product research, design, development, and manufacturing.