Zones Corp

Established in 2004, ZonesCorp is a government- backed corporation for specialized economic zones. ZonesCorp is directly responsible for the establishment, management and operation of specialized economic zones in Abu Dhabi. ZonesCorp is committed to developing the industrial infrastructure and cultivating a business climate conducive to growth and driving the diversification of the economy.

ZonesCorp offers many products and services to the investors, with a lot of value propositions and operational incentives. All the specialized zones under ZonesCorp come with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge utilities, logistics capabilities, advanced communications infrastructure and workers residential cities. Investors can easily set up their businesses and can start operations with in a few weeks.

ZonesCorp strives to drive the development of specialized economic zones in Abu Dhabi in line with the Government’s multi-pronged economic strategy. It prompts the development of a broad spectrum of local industries in order to vary the sources of national income. ZonesCorp cultivates an investment climate conducive to professionalism so as to attract UAE nationals, develop their skills and integrate them into the workforce. 

ZonesCorp encourages the establishment of small and medium-sized specialized industries by offering operational incentives. It also spreads awareness about the “specialized economic zone” business model through tactical PR and advertising campaigns. It promotes creativity and endorses innovation in all industries pertinent to specialized economic zones.
ZonesCorp engenders regional economic integration by synchronizing between various projects to be launched in the GCC and neighboring Arab countries. It leverages he expertise of international organizations in the field of specialized economic zones establishment with the aim of adhering to global best practices.

Advantages of Zones Corp:

ZonesCorp offers a one stop shop for acquiring an industrial license for land development and all the related regulatory approvals and paper time consuming procedure into a one-step process that can be completed through a singular point of contact.
As a result , an investor can initiate the licensing process simply by filling out an application at any ZonesCorp counter/kiosk or online. The corporation will then coordinate with the various government bodies involved to expedite the process, reserve the land and issue the license without inconveniencing the investor.
To accomplish this, ZonesCorp will forward the application to the concerned department. It will reserve the land depending on availability and prepare the lease contract. It will get approval from the Environmental Department. It will process a construction permit and grant preliminary approval. It will issue the permanent industrial license.
Today an investor can complete ZonesCorp’s One-Stop-Shop program and simply pass by after 20 or 30 days from his initial visit to pick up his industrial license. By changing the once lengthy licensing process into a simple, one-step, hassle free procedure through the implementation of tactical bylaws, ZonesCorp has greatly contributed to transforming Abu Dhabi into a preferred business destination on par with leading economies across the globe..
Because land development must be preceded by the acquisition of a license, ZonesCorp can play a key role in easing the procedures involved. To succeed in creating an industrial environment conducive to sustainable economic development, ZonesCorp has established the One-Stop-Shop program for industrial land provision and licensing.